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We Are A Blockchain Innovation Company.

Our chief objective is to offer reliable innovative solutions to common issues within the freight transport industry. We leverage cutting edge, enterprise level blockchain technology in order to improve the lives of independent carriers and businesses.


We're committed to improving the quality of life of truckers by addressing some of the major problems that plague the transportation industry. We want to ensure that carriers get paid faster by making documentation and billing as easy, seamless, transparent and secure as it can possibly be. Our aim is to facilitate transparency, fraud prevention and rapid invoice payment. We firmly believe that if we can make carriers' lives better, we'll contribute to a healthy ecosystem, while simultaneously addressing the needs of shipping companies and brokers alike.

Electronic Bills of Lading

Automated Invoicing

Secure Document Signing

Easy Endorsement and Payment

Trucker Focused

We put truckers first, because we believe that they are the lifeblood of the freight transportation industry

Blockchain Based

We use modern distributed technology to provide solutions to age old problems and improve lives

Fully Secure

Our technology is based on immutable, secure data storage and protected by multilayered firewalls, policies and tools


Bill of Lading
Invoice Automation
Shared Ledger
Secure Factoring

Electronic Bills of Lading are created in real time using mobile devices and a copy of any paper document is linked to the record. Documents are stored on a secure, distributed network, which can be easily accessed through the application layer. Our permissioned-based system provides easy access to relevant documentation

LoadBlock's unique technology enables the creation and endorsement of digital Bills of Lading, which are safely stored as immutable entries on a secure, private, blockchain based network that ensures authenticity, regulatory compliance and reliability. Our system prevents fraud and eliminates the need for costly conflict resolution.

Invoices are automatically generated based on the information entered by carriers on mobile devices. The system's reporting functionality makes it easy for both carriers and lenders to view, export, modify or print invoices at any time. Users can also share invoices, track and update payment status, making accounting a breeze.

By providing an automated system for invoicing and billing, Loadblock saves truckers valuable time and takes the paperwork out of the payment processes. As with Bills of Lading, invoices can be easily endorsed to lenders, who then pass them on the shipping company for payment. Automated processes reduce errors and prevent duplication

Our private blockchain provides security and transparency through a shared transaction ledger, where all electronic Bills of Lading, invoices and Proof of Delivery documents are stored. This distributed network means that any node on the chain can have instant visibility, once a new asset is created or a transaction occurs.

Unlike public blockchain technologies, our permissioned private chain limits visibility to transactions that are relevant to specific users. Nevertheless, the data is distributed amongst all the nodes which serves as a means of fraud and conflict prevention and guarantees the authenticity of documents.

Loadblock makes for easy, secure invoice factoring because it provides lenders with documentation that is guaranteed to be accurate and authentic. Fraud prevention is one of the key benefits of loadblock technology Invoice automation and one click submission make for a pain free factoring process.

Our core value proposition is improving the lives of the carriers that make the freight industry function. By getting truckers paid quickly and securely, we can ensure that they stay on the road. This of great benefit to shipping companies, brokers and factors alike.

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